Current/Recent Projects

Enjoy these pictures but please keep checking back here because we will be adding pictures and text as often as possible.

Custom Homes

When thinking of building your dream custom home, picking the right builder is an important decision. T.R. Builder, Inc. has won numerous awards in building Custom Homes not just because we are a leading builder in the Hampton Roads, VA area, but because we are well-known for our attention to detail. Our passion for quality shows not only in our work but in our relationships with our Homeowners. From the initial meeting to the final walk-through, we are a team that works together to complete the project. Small cottages on the river to spacious homes in neighborhoods, T.R. Builder, Inc. has done it all. We look forward to helping you build your new custom home!! Just give us a call!


If the thought of making over your 1970’s kitchen or bathroom has you worried, never fear because T.R. Builder, Inc. is here! Take a peek at the work we’ve done and you will see that we’ve done some major makeovers! And some not-so-major makeovers too! Now is the time to bring your house up-to-date so you can really enjoy living in it. And just think of the value you put back into your house! Don’t wait until the “market recovers” to begin your home remodeling project. We can transform your existing house and make it your dream house!

Seamless Additions

Have you ever driven by a house that has obviously had an addition put on it and just cringed because the addition just doesn’t look like it fits on that house?!? With T.R. Builder, Inc., you can be assured that this won’t happen to your house. We are well-known for our “Seamless Additions” which means the Addition looks like it has always been a part of the house. Careful attention to detail with the exterior presentation as well is the interior helps ensure that your Addition will enhance your house and not detract from it. Do you wish you had a Sunroom? Or how about a Screened-in-Porch? Or would a 2-story addition suit your needs? Whatever your dream is, we can help you make it a reality!


Kitchens are a far cry from what our parents had when we were growing up. Instead of the chef being tucked away in a small, cramped, out-of-sight kitchen- today’s chef enjoys being with the party while preparing the delicious meals! The chef can enjoy a glass of wine with guests while still busily preparing dinner. Welcome to the new open floor style kitchens! Your outdated kitchen can become your dream gourmet kitchen and can overlook your family room too. T.R. Builder has helped so many homeowners in the Hampton Roads area design and build their dream kitchens! From young families to empty-nesters and everyone in between, our homeowners love their new kitchens and T.R. Builder can help you love yours too!

Outdoor Living

Now is the time to add Square Footage to your home by having an Outdoor Living space built by T.R. Builder, Inc. Pools, Decks, Pergolas, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Living Rooms, etc.- you name it and we can build it for you. Whether you have small children and want to be able to enjoy the outdoors with them or if you are an empty-nester and want to entertain more outdoors, we can work with you to design your new Outdoor Living space.


Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling your outdated bathroom, T.R. Builder can help you get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed about. And talk about adding value to a home, an up-to-date bathroom can really do that for you! If you look at house sales across the Virginia Peninsula, the majority of the older homes that move the quickest are the ones that have beautiful updated bathrooms. From traditional styles to sleek modern designs…we can do them all for you. You will get top-notch quality and experience the highest customer service standards when you work with T.R. Builder.

Specialty Jobs

No job is too small for T.R. Builder. Call us for window/door/siding replacements, decks, pergolas, driveway repair/installation, front porches, etc. Click on the picture to see some examples of the small jobs we have done and can do for you.